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Cerita Muzik and its subsidiaries are on hiatus until further notice. Some content is still accessible below.
About us
The Cerita Muzik brand was created by Ahmad Aliff and Rini, a husband and wife team of music practitioners formerly based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. We started out as music service providers, but our real goal is to spread the art, culture, and values that come from doing good music. Our most notable accomplishment was a total of 7 orchestra and chamber concerts over the span of 3 years, which were completely independent and self-funded.
Cerita Muzik in concert at the Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) in June 2018
Ahmad Aliff
Co-Founder & Director
Ahmad Aliff left his stable job as a tutti violinist in a local broadcast orchestra to pursue his musical goals. The culmination of both his pursuit of knowledge and interest in conducting saw him attend a Symphonic Conducting master course in Moscow with Professor Vladimir Ponkin in 2017.
Cerita Muzik
List of Concerts
  1. Classical Emotions, Muzium Negara, 20160821
  2. An Orchestra Holiday, PJ Live Arts, 20161224
  3. Evening Radio Classics, PJ Live Arts, 20170408
  4. Cerita Chamber Afternoon, PJ Live Arts, 20170507
  5. Sunday at the Symphony, PJ Live Arts, 20170820
  6. Chamber Night, Wicked Pancake Parlour, 20180318
  7. Simfoni Aidilfitri, DPAC, 20180624
Rini Fadil
Co-Founder & Editor
Rini and Ahmad Aliff got married when they found that their ideals and principles matched. They also worked well together, and became an inseparable team. Whilst organising the concerts, Rini was the music librarian and graphic designer for the orchestra.
Where are we now?

Last Updated: July 2022
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